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It's Sunday, February 28th
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Business Introduction:
*** Please note this is not an actual site. This is my Edinboro University CSCI323 final project.***
Here at Happy Hen Hatchery, we strive to make sure you get only the very best for your poultry needs. All of our chickens are happy, healthy, and adorable! We also supply coops and coop diagrams, feed for all diets, toys for eager chickens, and much more. Whether you've never had chickens or have owned some for many years, we always have what you need to keep your chickens happy.

Started in 1998 as a free-range chicken hobby, Happy Hen Hatchery has grown into the ever-expanding company you see today. We aim to be a household name for all chicken-lovers. Our products are only the best of the best, and our chickens are even better. They are all handled with care and love, with our full-grown purchasable chickens being free-range on our 28 acre farm in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. We began free-range, have stayed free-range, and we'll continue to be free-range forever.
That's a Happy Hen guarantee!

Chickens are the best!
Vison and Mission Statement:
We only want the best for our chickens. All of ours are free-range. The young chickens are hand-raised, and the adult fowl mill about on our expansive farm. Our guarantee to you is that we will never treat our chickens, products, or employees poorly--we only give the best!