RingFantasies - Group A

Team Members:

Joshua Genis - Text Master

Travis Mink - Pixel Meister

Devesh Shukla - Design Guru

Andre Torres - Database Doc

Jenna Wagner - Fearless leader

Finished Site

December 6, 2013

Annotations and Descriptions

Database component - multi-table database for administrative section, see table descriptions here
Posting Form - see admin section below
Query Form - see admin section below
CGI Scripts - see admin section below
dHTML component - NONE
Form Validation - see admin section below
Annotated CSS - annotated desktop css
Dreamweaver Spry Elements - generated by Dreamweaver and used in validating the contact form: Spry CSS and Spry Javascript

Admin Section
The administrative section contains:

  1. A login form, password-restricted to users (code)
  2. An event editing form, allowing user to add, edit, or delete listings posted to events page (code)
  3. A slideshow form, allowing user to add or delete photos to the home page slideshow(code)
*Log in to admin section with "student" credentials

Site Links and History

November 15, 2013
Design Document

November 2, 2013
For milestone 6, please check our: home page, about page, and contact form (not currently scripted). We're waiting for more information to add content to events and store.

Design Document
Annotated CSS

October 27, 2013
Initial Build